Feature + TV

Currently in Development: “Jason and the Nucleonauts” and “Forces of Heaven”

Film_Feature-2018__Development_Jason   Film_Feature-2018__Development_Forces

In the following section I focus on my work for other production companies and studios including Art Direction & Supervision, Visual development, Layout and work as a 3d-Generalist.

Art Director on the series concept ‘BIT BUDDIES’ by Henning Marquass

3d-Layout Artist on the Feature Film ‘DRAGON RIDER’ by Tomer Eshed

Visual Development Artist on ‘THE JOURNEY OF THE ELEPHANT SOLIMAN’, commissioned by FFL Film- und Fernseh-Labor, Produced by Studio 88 Werbe- und Trickfilm GmbH
Soliman - Header-Frame-sm

Animation Supervisor, Visual Effects Supervisor and Story-Artist on ‘GIANT’ by Johanna BentzGiant_PROMO_01_v002

Co-Director and Story-Artist on ‘TABALUGA’Film_Feature-2014__Tabaluga

Commissioned work on commercials and other clips together with our great artists at studioNICECommissioned_Overview.jpg