Darkening (VR)

by Ondřej Moravec

© Frame Films, NowHere Media, Brainz Immersive and Filmtalent Zlín


“Darkening” Poster

Darkening is a VR project directed by Ondřej Moravec, who feels this immersive medium is optimal to depict and address his own struggles with depression. Through animation, combining a stylised form of Ondřej’s environment and abstract images of his emotions, viewers will experience and understand what it is like to live with depression, how to tackle it and what mechanisms people use to feel better.

I’m very happy to work on this very personal project as an Art Director for the co-producer NowHere Media.

Darkening will celebrate it’s World Premiere at Venice Film Festival 2022

Frame Films
Original Idea & Director: Ondřej Moravec
Lead Art Director: Bára Stejskalová
Producer: Hana Blaha Šilarová

NowHere Media
Executive & Creative Producers: Felix Gaedtke & Gayatri Parameswaran
Associate Producer: Mia von Kolpakow
Art Director: Moritz Mayerhofer
Developer & Technical Artist: Felix Lange
CG Artist: Karen Müller
Intern: Lissy Grobbel
Music: Billy Mello

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