“Voyage to Lukanico” / “Die Reise nach Lukanico”
Live-Action / Animation – Hybrid
Feature film / suspended
Production company: Storm Pictures GmbH

A while ago I was attached as Art Director on this ambitious and beautiful project.
During this time I did a lot visual development, storyboards and concepts.
Unfortunately the project has been discontinued but I was very happy to be part of this thrilling endeavor. And I’m very happy to be able to share some artwork with you.


Die Reise nach Lukanico

Together with the talented artists of RainDogs Berlin, my team at studioNICE created a Proof of Concept-Teaser for the project:

Teaser – Die Reise nach Lukanico / Voyage to Lukanico

Producer: Sebastian Weyland
Director: Matthias X. Zuder
DoP: Joe Berger
Art Director: Moritz Mayerhofer
Editor: Sven Kulik
Set Design: Florian Kaposi
Modelmakers: RainDogs Berlin
Animation and Postproduction: studioNICE
Vfx-Supervisor: Daniel Wichterich
Grading: Carl Seiffarth
Character Design: Nikolai Neumetzler
Matchmove: Martin Backhaus
Puppeteers: Julia Heppner & Kariem Saleh