Im Nachtlicht – Alev Lenz

Cue videos for the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Im Nachtlicht” by Alev Lenz.
© Alev Lenz, Moritz Mayerhofer

Alev Lenz is a Grammy nominated producer and singer/songwriter known for her work on projects like Anoushka Shankar’s ‘Land of Gold’, Black Mirror, Dark and many more.

I designed and animated 15 cue videos for the release of the Soundtrack.
My goal was to create atmospheric mini-stories using only one visual motive per song. Created in a mix of 2d digital paintings and 3d animation the visuals should mirror the mesmerizing somber sounds of my music to draw the viewer into another, darker world.

cover design by Alev Lenz, Moritz Mayerhofer



You can find all cue videos on YOUTUBE

I’m very proud to have a chance to work with Alev on this beautiful project! Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

Check out her Youtube-Channel for more mesmerizing music

Find out more about Alev on here official website / Spotify / Bandcamp / Instagram